A kind of Superstar!

We have just survived lockdown 2.0 and being the ever opportunist I realised this was once again the perfect time to take photos in Padstow.  Crikey picture the scene!  it is a stunningly beautiful sunny day, and it is so quiet.  I am taking photos with Jenna in parts of the town that would normally be reaming with tourists! The streets are silent and serene with a few working locals gathering around the comforting hub that is Ben’s Café with just one vigilant Police Car patrolling.  

Orange Strawberry Pride Photo

"This beacon of hope reminded me of what a difficult year this has been and of how amazing our NHS have been"


We come across a local woman who is fuming when she finds a couple camping on the beach, - rather them than me it must have been freezing, I thought to myself!   she asks them if the beach is their primary household - me thinks prob not as it’s the beach, then she takes photos of their car reg and reports them – oops!  Even a quiet day in lockdown Cornwall has its dramas!  Then, along comes an enormous rainbow coloured double decker bus with just the driver on it with no passengers! – I have come to realise this is quite the norm in Cornwall. To have huge buses in our small country lanes with very few people on them!  This beacon of hope reminded me of what a difficult year this has been and of how amazing our NHS have been, and we are lucky to be the first Country to authorise use of the Covid vaccine – fingers crossed it all goes well.  I am number 9 on the priority list so will probably have to wait a while.

2020, what a year it has been! -  I have been furloughed, I have set up my new online business, been made redundant - a first for me, and now have got a new job as a keyworker for Tesco with some fabulous work colleagues  as well as working for my self-employed business of course. It has been a difficult turbulent year with ups and downs, but family and friends have been so supportive. Big thanks to Jenna my fabulous model who is always enthusiastic and gives it her all – you Superstar!  Big virtual hugs x



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