Hurray to the Bluetits!

We had a bit of a glimpse of a late Summer last month and me and Jenna managed to get out on the water at Harlyn Bay for a fun paddleboard based photo sesh using my Go Pro mounted on my board.  Got some great footage, check out my latest FB & Insta posts. The water was unbelievably calm,  clear and warm too – just love it when its like that! Sorry surfers!  We also did some cliff top shots with for a Gym shoot and the view was amazing looking towards Trevone Bay.

Bluetits Seven Bays

With the trials and tribulations of being a start-up business, you always like to try to keep marketing costs down and really appreciate any help from your friends and family.  Therefore, I would like to give a huge shout out to my friend Zoe, who has introduced my bags to her local Bluetits Chilled Swimmer group, and the word has spread.  I must say the support this group has been overwhelming, with all their post’s shares and comments, thanks so much Bluetits!  The Bluetits if you did not know, have groups all over the UK promoting the benefits of cold-water swimming which not only boosts health and confidence, but also promotes a fantastic community spirit. Some swim all year round, you brave lot!  However, there must be something in it? The Scandinavians do it and I have seen Wim Hof do extraordinary things.   I must join or start up my own group here near St Merryn if anyone else is interested?  Just let me know. 

So, it is nice to spread the Salty Kit word around through word of mouth.  There are other awfully expensive ways of promoting your new brand as I have recently found out.  I got in touch with a local Celebrity influencer and the prices were extortionate!  Are people really “influenced” by these Celebrities – would love your feedback on this, or if there are any companies out there with experience on this, please let me know, email me on

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