Well what a year it has been up till now, we could never have second guessed this situation!  I had a full-time job in the travel industry which has been severely affected by Covid.  I was Furloughed since April and made Redundant at the end of July – who would have thought that could ever possibly happen!  So not resting on my laurels, I have been working hard on my little side-line – Salty Kit!  I have had so much time on my hands I have managed to set up my business and am now selling online.

Bougainvillea and Avocado Dry Bags

Looking back, May was the most incredible time to take photos. With lockdown at the time and people only allowed to travel within England and not stay overnight, meant the Cornish beaches were quiet.  Having said that they got busy during the day, however with the long days at that time of the year, it was perfect for taking shots early in the morning when few were around.  A perfect piece of paradise virtually to ourselves, apart from a few locals.  See my reference to my May Blog titled “Fog & Lockdown” for some fun antics.


"When life gives you the proverbial slap, then adapt!"


So, this is a chance to share my story and to thank friends and family for your support and help.  When the chips are down, people come together, and it brings out the best in us.  We should believe there is always another opportunity, and that we must adapt to the forever changing future of which we cannot predict or control.

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