Why I do this? My waterproof bags story.

Hi everyone. I don’t  have many pictures of myself as I prefer being the other side of the camera and love to take the shots and edit them -  I love the creative process!   But I thought I should come out of my elusive shell and at least show a picture of myself; all be it wearing sunglasses – me avoiding the squinty look as the Sun was shining directly into our faces.  So, this is a picture of me – Nicola, Founder of Salty Kit and my gorgeous Cousin Jenna who looks amazing  on the other side of the Camera.   The photo was taken last week on one of the most picturesque beaches on the North Cornish Coast – Constantine Bay.  The special occasion?  A collaborative watermelon-based photo shoot with Eco Swimwear company @euphoricthreads.  Their watermelon Rashie and Bikini Bottoms and my Watermelon Dry Bag.


Nicola and Jenna

L to R - Jenna & Nicola


The theme was very much surf based with shots taken from my Go Pro on the beach and in the water.  In fact, I leave the Go Pro on video and do various shoots of different angles,  in and out of the water, then take a photo frame during the edit, some of which are the ideal half water shot of which you will see many in the future.  Constantine Bay is the ideal surf beach.  It is not swimmers friendly as it is deceivingly dangerous with strong rip currents.  But it sits beneath the stunning Trevose Headland with its Lighthouse and alongside the rocky Boobys Bay (named after the birds and not of the tit variety!!)

Anyway, to the reason why I do this?  I started to Paddleboard myself about 5 years ago.  I wanted a dry bag to put on the front of the board so I could put in a few safety bits in case you get into trouble.  Such as an emergency phone, water, car keys, flip flops etc.  What I saw on the market was very masculine looking bags, maybe of one colour with their brand logo.  So, I thought to myself, there must be a way of jazzing up these bags with a nice design and still be a dry bag at the end of the day.  So, it has taken several trips over the years to various Trade Fairs to get good quality Manufactures and believe I have found them and the results I think and from the feedback I get, are pretty good.  The quality is good, the designs stand out and they are super practical.  Plus, I also sell lovely coloured waterproof phone cases too for that added bit of security for your phone & car keys.

I started off selling on Amazon a few years ago.  However, had a lot of down time last year as I was furloughed and eventually made redundant from my job in the Travel Industry so had a lot of time to rethink and put together my own website and social media accounts.  I think it is worth it, I love the creative process.  I work for myself and have a part time job in Tesco’s.  But who knows what the future holds?  I know I want to create different styles of bags and have loads of ideas.  I think I will keep the theme of the waterproof material with fabulous designs on them because I love to be different. I am sure people love to look unique - why look the same as everyone else!  I seem to be gathering my own tribe of followers who are people who appreciate nature and the water. People who love an adventure which is what I am all about.  We need to take ourselves  away from the white noise of everyday life and its concerns and instead,  immerse yourself our beautiful surroundings.  Take care everyone...



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Just received my Salty Kit phone case just a couple of days after ordering, and was amazed at the quality of the case, double sealed, velcro locking and a really strong cord to boot! As we are getting closer to our sailing holiday I’m going to order another as the wife is now jealous!

Terry Buckingham

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