Dry Bags for Hiking

Best Dry Bags for Hiking

Choosing the right Dry Bag for your adventure! Selecting the perfect dry bag for your adventure requires careful consideration. Dry bags come in various designs and offer different levels of waterproof, indicated by their IP ratings. It's important to choose a bag that matched the specific requirements of your activity. Salty Kit Dry Bags are rated IPX66 which means they are fully sand and dirt proof plus waterproof withstanding a forced water jet. They will also survive a short dunking, all provided you roll the top tight at least 3 times. These bags come in a range of 5, 20 and 30 litre sizes, giving your the flexibility to carry all of your essentials when hiking.

Why use waterproof dry bags for Hiking?

  • wind, rain, splash proof
  • keep your contents safe and dry
  • TOP TIP - put your wet gear in a 5 litre bag inside a 20 or 30 litre for a separate wet/dry compartment
  • easy to clean just wipe or wash clean
  • portable with handy detachable straps
  • easy grab front handle
  • lightweight and great for travelling
  • a great stylish and functional accessory

5L Waterproof Dry bag Backpack

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20L Waterproof Dry bag Backpack

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30L Waterproof Dry bags Backpacks

Selected waterproof phone cases for Hiking

Whether you're an adventurer exploring the great outdoors, having a waterproof phone case can be a game-changer. It ensures that your device remains protected against water damage, allowing you to capture memories and stay connected even in wet conditions. Keeps your phone safe from the elements with a Salty Kit Waterproof Phone Case! These are designed to be IPX8 rated which means it can withstand continuous immersion in water making them watertight.

a girl taking a photo of her friend with the pink salty kit waterproof phone case on the beach

Why use waterproof phone cases for Hiking?

  • keeps your phone safe in or near water
  • keeps cards and keys dry too
  • keep inside your dry bag for extra protection
  • take photos above & below water
  • stay connected & safe
  • handy adjustable neck strap
  • blow in air to make it float - top tip!
  • capture precious memories on your adventures
  • cool colours
  • a functional and stylish accessory

100% Waterproof Phone Cases

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