About Salty..

Salty Kit is a new waterproof bags & accessories brand run by a one-woman band, Nicola and is based just outside of Padstow, Cornwall. “I just love creating something new and exciting in the outdoors sector.”

“My inspiration is taken from experience in paddle boarding & travelling, where I have bought myself a rather masculine, practical bag designed for its purpose in one colour with logo, but thought, there must be a better way of creating a bag that is practical yet stylish?  Hence the idea of the decorated dry bag came about and the colourful waterproof phone cases.”

“I'm getting great feedback on Trustpilot and my Social Media accounts, check them out! It’s lovely to hear that customers say my bags just make them smile!  Watch out for an exciting new line of dry bags, waterproof backpacks and changing robes expected in 2023.”

an image of a beautiful sunset taken at trevone rocky beach showing the watermelon dry bag and nautical look backpack leaning again a stone structure.