About Salty..

Salty Kit are bags lovingly designed in Cornwall.  Hi all! my name is Nicola and I am a one woman band who is loving creating something new and exciting in the the outdoors sector. 

I created my brand Salty Kit out of inspiration from experience in paddle boarding & travelling, and I would buy myself a rather masculine, practical bag designed for its purpose in one colour with logo!  Then thought to myself, there must be a better way of creating a bag that is practical yet stylish?  Hence the idea of the decorated dry bag came about and the waterproof phone cases. 

Many of the SUP & Kayak companies are designing lovely bright colours boards so why not match your board with your bag and have fun in a sport that you love! 

I'm into my second year now and am loving the feedback from my customers who say my bags just make them smile! I love to hear that! Check out my Instagram account for the fantastic photos you have shared.

an image of a beautiful sunset taken at trevone rocky beach showing the watermelon dry bag and nautical look backpack leaning again a stone structure.

I am UK Trademarked and am currently under application for other Countries.

These are my first line of waterproof bags, and I have many more ideas, so just watch this space for more to come!