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Waterproof Dry Bags and Backpacks Built for Adventures.

Durable and Strong with Stylish Design Features.

Waterproof dry bags that are stylish yet super tough. Check out my new designs in 30 litre, 20 litre and 5 litre sizes in super cool colours and prints. Practical too made with strong 500D PVC, with waterproof, reinforced welded seams, roll top, removable straps, D rings and they float if you just happen to drop in water!

  • the small 5 litre dry bag in an olive colour by salty kit

    Dry Bags for Swimming

    Keep all your belongings safe and dry whilst being seen in the water with our colourful dry bags.

    Shop Swimming Dry Bags 
  • bag for paddleboarding in orange by salty kit a girl kneeling on a paddleboard at harlyn bay

    Dry Bags for Paddleboarding

    Perfect for paddleboarding, exploring new bodies of water, whether its freshwater or keeping it salty, enjoy your adventures with a piece of mind.

    Shop Paddleboard Dry Bags 
  • Dry Bags for Kayaking & Canoeing

    100% waterproof dry bags, enjoy your kayak trip knowing all your belongings are tucked away safely.

    Shop Kayak & Canoe Dry Bags 
  • Dry Bags for Cycling

    Cycling to work or crossing the continent? Through rain and mist trust our dry bags to keep your valuables dry!

    Shop Cycling Dry Bags 
  • Dry Bags for Hiking

    Caught in the middle of a storm? Worry no longer. Trust our dry backpacks to keep your valuables dry!

    Shop Hiking Dry Bags 
  • Dry Bags for Sailing & Boating

    Seafaring sailors need protecting too, keep your valuables dry and safe amongst the waves, splashes and fun!

    Shop Boat & Sailing Dry Bags 
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30L Waterproof Dry bags Backpacks.

Comfortable Detachable Straps, Ready for any adventure.

20L Waterproof Dry bag Backpack.

Detachable Comfortable Straps & Inside Mesh Pocket.

5L Waterproof Dry bag Backpack.

Lightweight with Detachable Straps.

Highest Rated Waterproof Phone Cases

IPX8 Waterproof Rated

Something else to add your Salty Kit collection are our fun, colourful waterproof phone cases. So ok, you spent a lot of money on that fancy smart phone, so you had better look after it!  This extra large IPX8* Waterproof Phone Case will give you that added security. Can be used underwater, it is a phone pouch with neck strap for Phone screen size up to 7.5″. Or use as a waterproof pouch inside your dry bag to keep your valuables dry such as phone + keys/cards/money for all your water sports or beach activities.

Shop our 100% Waterproof Phone Cases.

Colourful Phones Cases with Neck Straps.

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Salty Kit receives a fabulous review from Paddler Magazine, check it out here

"It’s a very durable piece of kit that will suit more than just water users – a great bag for sports kit in general if you want to keep the water out or even wet kit storage." - Paddler Magazine

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Salty Kit bags demonstration

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I love the Bluetits community! I have met my tribe who are supportive, like minded and adventurous like me, and provide a huge amount of ocean and laughter therapy along the way! https://thebluetits.co/products/the-bluetit-discount-card

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