4 images showing salty kit waterproof bags being used on paddleboards and floating in a swimming pool.  You can see the green waterproof phone case, the avocado, orange strawberry, nautical look, and bougainvillea dry bags.  Photos were taken at Trevose Golf Club swimming pool and at Harlyn Beach.

Salty Kit waterproof bags

stylish & strong dry bags & phone pouches

3 lovely images of Jenna on her paddleboard showing the watermelon, avocado and orange strawberry dry bags.

keep goods dry

waterproof roll top, welded seams & floats

an image of a girl standing at the waters edge at Trevone Bay, wearing the watermelon dry bag.

bold colourful designs

dry bags & waterproof phone cases

an image of salty kit phone cases being used under water.  They are fully waterproof to an IPX8 standard.

waterproof phone cases

extra large & IPX8 rated waterproof

  • Beautiful waterproof dry bags & IPX8 waterproof rated phone cases, built strong & look good too.  Great for water sports, the beach, the Gym or any activities.

    I created my Cornish brand Salty Kit out of inspiration from experience in paddle boarding & travelling, and I would buy myself a rather masculine dry bag designed for its purpose in one colour with logo. Then, I thought to myself, there must be a better way of creating dry bags that are practical and stylish?  Hence the idea of the decorated dry bag with my beautiful designs and colourful waterproof phone cases came to fruition.

Waterproof dry bags and IPX8 rated waterproof phone cases.

Waterproof bags that are stylish yet super tough. So, rest assure and feel confident to use our Dry Bags for all your water based and summer & winter activities.

Pretty & gritty. This is not your average Dry Bag.  We have six smashing designs that will make you stand out from the crowd.  There are nautical, fruit based & flower designs with colours that pop!  So, something for everybody! Do not be deceived by their image, these bags pack a punch too as they are made with strong durable 500D pvc tarpaulin with welded seams and a watertight roll top to keep your contents safe and dry. Floats if you just happen to drop it in the water. Use for all your adventures. They are nice and light as they weigh up to 550 grams and can be folded so are great for travel. Plus super easy to clean so hygienic too.

So, look cute on that paddleboard or cool on your kayak, channel your nautical look for your boating activities, let people double take when you trek up that mountain, let it be a funky accessory for your fitness gear, or be the envy of your friends on stay cay or vay cay .  A great practical yet stylish addition for any of your activities.  


IPX8 waterproof rated phone pouch.

Something else to add your Salty Kit collection are our fun, colourful waterproof phone cases. So ok, you spent a lot of money on that fancy smart phone, so you had better look after it!  This XL IPX8* Waterproof Phone Case will give you that added security. Can be used underwater, it is a phone pouch with neck strap for Phone screen size up to 7.5″. Or use as a waterproof pouch inside your dry bag to keep your valuables dry such as phone + keys/cards/money for all your water sports or beach activities.

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Salty Kit receives a fabulous review from Paddler Magazine, check it out here

check out our fab Paddler Magazine review here

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Salty Kit bags demonstration

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