Collection: Waterproof Phone Cases

Introducing our Waterproof Phone Cases, rigorously IPX8 rated. Unite style and security as you explore aquatic realms worry-free. Safeguard your device while enjoying underwater moments with peace of mind!

  • XL IPX8* Waterproof Phone Case
  • Can be used underwater
  • Neck strap
  • Keeps valuables dry such as phone, cards, keys etc
  • Use for water sports or beach activities
  • Clear window front and back perfect for taking pictures, videos
  • Press volume button to take photos underwater
  • Made with PU & TPU


  • H 24cm x W 12cm x D 1cm (inside 23 x 11 x 1 cm).

*IPX 8 tested can be immersed in water one metre or more. Please ensure all seals are fully closed and test before use. If there is any leakage or fault on a new product, please send back and you will receive a full exchange or refund.

Product care:

Easy to clean inside and out using cold water for sand or warm soapy water to remove dirt and mud. Store in cool and dry conditions out of direct sunlight which may change colouration. 


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